What is Blaque Word.?

Blaque Word. explores black culture and art from a place of ratchet sophistication. Here, we won’t shy away from things we feel are higher cultured (art, literature and fashion), but we won’t sacrifice the things that we grew up on (twerking at a house party, or saying Nigga un-ironically).  We endeavor to take steps in looking at the substances that progress our conciousness (intellect) without sacrificing our flavor (ratchetness). 

This blog is mine, because I felt that I should put all the writing I want to do, that I wish I could do, someplace. One day, I probably might work for GQ, just like I probably might own my own magazine. But for now, I have Blaque Word, and this is what I want it to be: a sophisticated, appealing, ratchet ol’ time.

Let’s get nasty.