About Me

A child of the underprivileged, I work to maximize the voice of lesser known brands and creatives so that through collaboration, success is reality. A hard-worker, I started as a freelance Copywriter, Editor and Technical Writer after obtaining his Bachelor’s Degree in English: Creative Writing with a minor in Professional Writing from Centenary University. There, I clocked four years as a proofreader, editor, and blogger for private clients and creatives.

Ever the Creative, his creative work has been featured in the Epicurean Commune, Banango Street, PRISM and many other publications. Currently, I work to fulfill the needs of clients across the digital spectrum. In 2017, I was featured in the Epicurean Commune as its first writer of merit, and won the 2018 Eugene A. Noble Award for Leadership and Enthusiasm.


A freelance copywriter with years of experience, I’ve written detail and on-brand copy designed to maximize the marketing expertise of any client. While versatile, I specialize primarily in digital copy for Fashion Retail, Small Businesses and Music — cultivating biographies and reviews for talent, like musicians, painters and, of course, fellow writers from indie all the way to represented clients!


A freelance technical writer for some years, I’ve worked in developing his background knowledge in all things technology — and has become an adept at all things opposing. A perfect bridge, I use my knowledge of HTML, computer sciences and digital media to achieve the very best in technical blogging, whitepaper, tutorial and media.


Science-Fiction Writer? Romance Writer? You need an editor. Manuscripts, CEOs, Business Owners, Indie Self-Published Essayists? You all need an Editor. I’ve clocked over 350 consultations as a proofreader, and have assisted at all stages of the writing process from start to finish. There’s very little that intimidates me in this field of creative endeavor — but I welcome you to try.

Send your queries for Ebook Editing to stevenunderwoodjr@gmail.com with contact information, genre, intent and word count, and I’ll get back to you in 1-2 Business Days!

Past Experiences

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