#BlaqueTwitter: June 26th 2017, THE BET EDITION

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JOE BUDDEN ruins another peaceful interview with another rising talent in Hip Hop, TAKEOFF of MIGOS*. At the BET Awards last night, JOE BUDDEN interviewed the Versace-décor’d trio along with DJ Akademiks and [whatever that girl name was] for the EVERYDAY STRUGGLE podcast. DJ Akademiks started the interview confusingly antagonizing TAKEOFF in a scene that felt reminiscent of a Chappelle Skit (WHAT?!). JOE BUDDEN, being allergic to successful black rappers younger than himself, immediately start barking like the pitbull he looks just like. Little did Budden know, MIGOS are always ready to square up like they’re rooted.

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Summary, the situation escalated into a fight, because MIGOS obviously had the power advantage. No one turned for confirmation in the trio. QUAVO stood, OFFSET stood, TAKEOFF didn’t even break his gaze, just eased on out of his seat, didn’t even stop to take off the very expensive jewelery around his neck. I didn’t know OFFSET was still a gentleman. Homie just got to rolling up his sleeves. And way to go TAKEOFF, the underdog is always ready to bark. Never doubt MIGOS is the next incarnation of the Three Muskateers: Blouses and all. Budden took the L in this situation, he’s just looking sad. Almost as Sad as DJ Akademic shoving a girl in-between himself and the situation. The next day, JOE BUDDEN took to Twitter, saying something about not liking MIGOS attitude. But, when you not only a fashion Icon, immune to the consequences of rampant homophobia, and the hottest rap group out, you can afford to have an attitude. To this situation, I refer to the Crissles philosophy: “Ain’t Yall too rich for this stuff? Don’t yall got a yacht to buy?” Joey, go host your podcast and stay silent. We get it, you’re talented and mad you get no respect. It ain’t our fault, it’s your own. Chalk it up to the game and go home. *TAKEOFF, QUAVO and OFFSET are all members of MIGOS. No, MIGOS is not one person. Pay attention to American culture.

Lesser News

MIGOS also fought CHRIS BROWN, but this is like a normal Sunday evening for CHRIS BROWN. I won’t be satisfied until either he gets folded like the lawn chair he looks like, or he ends up in prison. There’s girls won’t let him go broke. Homie gonna be 16 to them until he 80 in a retirement home threatening to fight his nurses and getting into dance battles with his own reflection.

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TREY SONGZ had another mediocre performance. The TL is still confused about why he still making music about all the sex he has, and still somehow makes the same song over and over. I just want someone to break his heart, or for him to have some character development. He needs to have his LEMONADE by Beyonce (this is the only accurate way to refer to THE album). I want to like his music like I liked LAST TIME, YOUR SIDE OF THE BED, and BOTTOMS UP, but he just…doesn’t give me a reason to? Maybe he can make an album about his dog, the true talent in his family.

SOLANGE, the Moon Goddess, won the Centric Award last night. Some people got made she thanked the Universe and not God. Some people also aren’t aware that not all Black People are Christian or Religious. She made the bop for Depression, which most church folk think is just an imaginary illness you can pray away without actual therapy or medication or actual, I don’t know, acknowledgement. So boo.

REMY MA, stole an award. Let’s not dwell on her speech – which she made about a feud and not about her own development, growth, abilities, appreciation, etc. The TL didn’t say NICKI MINAJ should’ve won the award (they screamed it from the rooftops), but REMY MA certainly didn’t do everything all the Runner-ups did to possibly win over her. MISSY ELLIOT has put in so much work this year that she has certainly earned that win. CARDI B has actually shook the pedestal that Nicki Minaj twirls 5 inches of Indian hair on. YOUNG M.A. has brought a dynamic flow to the game. All of them have done more thank REMY MA and her need to tear down other female rappers. REMY MA is just Joe Budden with two X-Chromosomes and a ghost writer (Guess you needed a, PAP). It’s a shame, because I really WANT to like her. She a Potterhead, she a carefree black girl, she’s rude. All things I love in people.

SZA was a carefree black girl on stage living her dream, and we loved her for it. KEYSHIA COLE stayed for the celebration of what is apparently her favorite album about her life and then left. We love this girl and her crown of curls she turns into this magical prop. Honestly, SZA is Rapunzel and I love her.

People still thing CHANCE THE RAPPER is a new artist, and he isn’t. But I think the qualification for this award just means you were recently signed. Which means one year Chance will one day receive the Lifetime Achievement Award along with his Best New Artist award, because he ain’t -ever- gonna sign.

BIG SEAN continues to be the example all Rappers should follow. Fashionista, Philanthropist, Poet, Artist, Professional Own-Business-Minder, Good Boyfriend. BIG SEAN, keep laying down the blue print.


LUKE JAMES tried to steal everyone girlfriend on stage in front of the most violent men in Hip Hop and got away with it. NEW EDITION also performed with the -entire- cast of their Biopic. That stage was all white blazers and Motown choreography. I enjoyed what I could see of it (I couldn’t tell who was who, at all. They could’ve been lipsynching for all I know).  


#WHYWEMAD: #BLACKBOYJOY and Keith Powers’ Bi Erasure

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By: Steven Underwood

Okay, first off: Bisexual Boys exist. I’m not sure why that’s such a hard concept. Why it’s a complexity, you know, because sexuality is a spectrum: people shift and shape across it through their lives and some people identify with this flexibility and choose to allow themselves the freedom to bend through it.

Yesterday, the timeline was met with Keith Powers’ recent interviews with HOLLYWOOD UNLOCKED. In the interview, the NEW EDITION actor discussed the rumors of his sexuality. Set to clear the air of his apparent heterosexuality, he proceeded to drag bisexual men everywhere down the drain and drown them.


The moment it happened, Bi-Twitter released a collective aggravated sigh of despair. Attacks on Polysexual identities isn’t new, Bisexuals have suffered from ruthless disparaging comments from homophobic, ally and LGBTQA communities for various reasons. This has occurred so much that sociological groups have coined terms like “biphobia” and “bisexual erasure” to explain the phenomena of othering this specific group of Queer identities.

So, most Bisexuals knew what was coming next. Within the hour, the timeline was flooded with people – gay and straight – slamming Bisexuals into the mud. Gays declaring that people can “only be gay or straight, no in-between,” straights declaring “any nigga who sleeps with a guy is gay. There’s no in-between.” The attacks came just a few days following a specific conversation on whether or not closeted gays should use the Bisexual identity as a stepping stone to coming out: using it to “soften” the blow of the coming out process. Fairly, many bisexuals viewed this as aggressive, because it invalidated the identity which already suffers disapproval from the LGBTQA Community.

That’s an issue for another day, however, because to explain to the LGBTQA why bisexuals are being octstravized, you need to explain to Queer identities that sexuality doesn’t make you immune to bigoted behavior. (See Also: White Gays and Racism/Transphobia).

Today, we’re discussing why Keith Power’s behavior is shocking. Anyone who follows Keith Powers understands that he is a rep of the #BLACKBOYJOY movement, a trend of allowing Black boys the right of expression and freedom. Black men have barred from being free and expected to fit into a stagnant box of expectations.

Much like footballer and all-around clown, Odell Beckham Jr, this has caused Keith Powers to suffer some ridicule for his sexuality – despite their very apparent and long rap sheet of female sexual conquest. (Keith Powers has even taken to Snapchat to check the men on his Instagram coming at him because their girlfriends are In his comments). Instead of being like OBJ, who just swerves past the comments in a defiant act of self-security, Keith Powers is always “clearing the air.” This time, it ended in comments that damaged a movement he seems to dedicate his career to – and his social media.

What the FAKING IT actor doesn’t understand is that you cannot be all around about #BlackBoyJoy and #CarefreeBlackBoys without allowing Black boys to be sexually multifaceted. Black men today are not allowed to sexually explore without being labeled or criticized. Whether it is with a man or a woman, black men are always subjected to limiting stereotypes that forces us down. Even the idea that it is “Different for women” is supported by a misogynistic standard that women sexually perform at all times for the consumption of men – rather than an expression of individual identity. A double standard of limits, checks and oppressive chains.

If we are going to be all about #BlackBoyJoy, and I do want us to be, this must come with loving every boy who chooses to express their multifaceted personality. That includes not deeming gay black men as weaker by sexual categorization; that includes not deeming “feminine” black men as gay because of their aesthetic; that includes not barring black men from specific careers, goals and artforms because that would deem that on this outlier of the “Hard Black man” trope; and that certainly includes allowing black men to reject heteronormativity and embracing sexual fluidity at their own will and loving all of them NOT in spite of this, but because of this.
Keith Powers, there was a bar set for you that wasn’t met. I know you apologized, but apologies only go so far as they’re put into action. I’m very much against Cancel culture and Woke activist who use it as a punishment for those who just didn’t know better, but you do need to understand that there is now a watch on you to meet the standards of the Black Platform you stand on.