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For Freelance Copywriting, Freelance Editing, Freelance Technical Writing and Freelance Blogging services, please fill out the contact form below!

First Time E-Book Authors/Indie Novelist? Welcome to the Biz! Emerging writers are welcome here. I’m happy to offer you 10% off any competitor editor’s rate for your first manuscript edit with me, along with (2) complimentary scheduled posts released to all my social media channels!

Manuscript Editing:

Line Editing – A line edit addresses any grammatical issues within your manuscript: punctuation, typos, tense consistency, sentence flow, and word choice/repetition.  My rate for line editing is $5 per 1,000 words.

Proofreading and Promotions – If any final revisions are completed from comments I’ve made, I will be happy to proofread for a flat fee of $100 for projects 70,000 words and under. Included in this are reviews posted to Goodreads, Amazon and Epicurean Commune and (2) scheduled promotional campaigns on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google +.  SEO is included in any posts contributed to my Blog.

Short Stories – If you’d like me to edit a short story, there will be a flat rate of $60 for projects under 7,000 words.

Book Reviews

Book Reviews- If you require a book review, please e-mail me at Stevenunderwoodjr@gmail.com. I offer theses services for free and will post reviews within 3 months. For an expedited process, I’ll be happy to expedite books to the front of the line for a $15 flat rate. All reviews are posted to Goodreads, Amazon and the quarterly arts zine, Epicurean Commune.

Copy and Editing on Retainer

Retainer – Need on-call editing and copywriting services? For $25 a month, I will write up to 1000 words of copy, or edit up to 7 pages of copy for blogs, articles, whitepaper,  technical manuscripts, etc. 

For Editorial, Offers for Rep. and Lit. Magazine Solicitation, please contact my personal writing address at Stevenunderwoodjr@gmail.com. Editorial Solicitation posted here will be denied.

Other writing needs not mentioned? Shoot me an E-mail, and we can get to talking!



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