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Hailing from Columbus, Ohio, Steven Underwood is an award-winning writer with a penchant for finding the magic in the hypercritical world.

After returning to his family on the east coast, Steven spent four years in undergraduate  at Centenary University of New Jersey advocating for Black lives and students of need as a as an administrative paraprofessional in Residence Life and an educator at the Writing Collaboratory. His joint efforts in these honors and his work as an on-campus writer earned him the Eugene A. Noble Award for Leadership and Enthusiasm. He also graduated among the academic fraternities Sigma Tau Delta and Chi Alpha Epsilon.

Photos by Keon Vines

Honest to his experiences, Underwood has published essays on Blackness and identity with BET, LEVEL, MTV News, Essence, LGBTNATION, Cassius Life, and Banango Street, including an essay entitled “I Should’ve Talked Black” and other critical voyages into race and masculinity.

Underwood has been featured on the NPR’s “Strange Fruit with Jaison Gardner and Dr. Kaila Adia Story”. He has no dogs or cats, but two nieces and a nephew who swear they are smarter than him.